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                                                            Damascus Road

                                                              with your host

                                                                   Harry Sill


Damasus Road is the radio program of Damascus Road Ministries Inc.  The radio presentation is a mix of the spoken message interspersed with appropriate musical meditation to reinforce all that is said.  I think you will enjoy the broadcast.


Over more than twenty years, it has been, and continues to be, my privilege to share time with you over our radio stations.  We are thankful this is made possible by the cooperation of our fine radio stations, and your intercessory prayer along with your financial support. 


                                          Why The Name "Damascus Road"?


The name of our ministry, "Damascus Road", is of course a reference to the Biblical Book of Acts, where it's reported Saul of Tarsus was amazingly transformed when confronted by the presence of the risen Lord.  That event is not just history.  That event is the revitalizing power of God transforming any and all who chooe, in our time, to accept the saving power of our Lord, even as we travel our own personal Damascus Road. 




In our ever changing world its good to know we can regularly meet together by way of the broadcast, to share together the unchangeable love of our eternal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Please continue to pray as we work to expand our radio outreach.


God bless,



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